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About Genesis

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 Genesis was established in 1997 with a generous grant from Steven Spielberg's Righteous Persons Foundation.  It was designed as a summer program combining academics, Jewish studies, as well as building a diverse, international Jewish community.  


In addition to living in a dynamic residential environment at Brandeis University, you will take two main paths of study at Genesis.  Your course will offer an in-depth, hands-on introduction to one of five academic disciplines (technology and society, law, journalism, social entrepreneurship, science, and world religions).  Your community experience will be a portal into understanding and realizing your potential as a person, a Jew, and a member of community.  Participants collaborate to create options for the entire community to celebrate Shabbat.  Genesis is supportive of all of the ways in which Shabbat and Judaism are observed.


If you are intrigued by what Genesis offers, we encourage you to apply and take your exploration to new levels. Every summer, Genesis is a new experience, because so much of the learning emerges from the particular combinations of teens who come together from different parts of the world, with varied interests and experiences of Judaism. We can promise a learning experience like no other - a once-in-a-lifetime month of discoveries, insights, friendship and fun.