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About Genesis

During your time at Genesis you will take two main paths of study, while living in a fun and dynamic residential environment at Brandeis University and exploring the greater Boston area. Your course will offer an in-depth, experiential, hands-on study of one of five academic disciplines (technology and society, science and ethics, business, gender and sexuality, and world religions).  

Your community experience will be a portal into understanding and realizing your potential as a person, as a Jew, and as an active member of the global community. Through these two paths you will engage in advanced academic study while you create a vibrant Jewish community that is pluralistic and supportive of multiple approaches to Judaism, from traditional observance to innovative practices, all while exploring your own personal identity.

Genesis community

Every summer, Genesis is a new experience because so much of the learning emerges from the particular combinations of teens who come together from different parts of the world, with varied interests and experiences of Judaism.

If you are intrigued by what Genesis offers, we encourage you to apply and take your exploration to new levels. 

The History of Genesis

Genesis was established in 1997 with a generous grant from Steven Spielberg's Righteous Persons Foundation.  It was designed as a summer program combining academics, Jewish studies, as well as building a diverse, international Jewish community.