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Genesis participants and educators come from all over the world, have a wide spectrum of Jewish practice and backgrounds, and bring with them different interests and ideas.

Genesis participants and staff come:
  • From over 20 states within the United States, from Israel, Spain, France, England, Ukraine, Russia, and more. 
  • From a wide range of affiliations with all of the major movements of Judaism to unaffiliated with any movement.  The Jewish practices and beliefs of participants and staff falls across a huge spectrum.
  • With a range of past educational experiences.  Some participants attend public high schools, others attend Jewish day schools.  Some have had limited Jewish education and others have had extensive Jewish education.  Some have attended summer camp for many years and others experience their first long-term program away from home at Genesis.
All of the Genesis participants are motivated and interested teenagers who come with an open mind and a willingness to learn, to teach, to have new experiences, and to make life-long friendships.