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2017-18 HBI Conversations Authors*

37 Seconds

Stephanie Arnold, author of 37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help--A Mother's Journey

HBI Community: Howard County, MD (November 2017)

A Land Twice Promised

Ami Sands Brodoff, author of In Many Waters

HBI Community: Boca Raton (March 2018)

Conviction, Julia Dahl

Julia Dahl, author of Conviction

HBI Community: NYC (October 2017)

Washing the Dead

Dara Horn, author of Eternal Life

HBI Community: Boston (April 2018)

Modern Girls

Georgia Hunter, author of We Were the Lucky Ones

HBI Community: Westchester (September 2017)

The Weight of Ink Rachel Kadish

Rachel Kadish, author of The Weight of Ink, winner of the 2017 National Jewish Book Award, Book Club Category

HBI Communities: Baltimore (November 2017), Boston (December 2017), Tuscon (January 2018), Sarasota (March 2018), Howard County, MD (March 2018), Bethesda (March 2018), Park City (March 2018), Westchester (April 2018), Stamford (May 2018)

The Patriots Sana Krasikov

Sana Krasikov, author of The Patriots

HBI Communities: Park City (February 2018), Palm Beach (February 2018), Chicago (April 2018)

The Book of Separation Tova Mirvis

Tova Mirvis, author of The Book of Separation

HBI Communities: Boston (October 2017), Bethesda (December 2017), NYC (March 2018), Tuscon (March 2018), Howard County, MD (April 2018), Baltimore (May 2018), Westchester (May 2018)

Imperial Wife

Renee Rosen, author of Windy City Blues

HBI Community: Stamford (October 2017)

The Light We Lost, Jill Santopolo

Jill Santopolo, author of The Light We Lost

HBI Community: Boca Raton (January 2018)

Dirty Wars and Polished Silver, Lynda Schuster

Lynda Schuster, author of Dirty Wars and Polished Silver: The Life and Times of a War Correspondent Turned Ambassatrix

HBI Communities: Stamford (September 2017), Palm Beach (January 2018), Boca Raton (February 2018), Sarasota (February 2018), Baltimore (March 2018), Bethesda (April 2018), Chicago (May 2018)

The Strangers We Became, Cynthia Shamash

Cynthia Shamash, author of The Strangers We Became: Lessons in Exile From One of Iraq's Last Jews

HBI Communities: Chicago (October 2017), Park City (August 2018)

The Fortunate Ones, Ellen Umansky

Ellen Umansky, author of The Fortunate Ones

HBI Community: NYC (May 2018)

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*We are grateful to be a Network Site of the Jewish Book Council (JBC). All of our Conversations authors for the 2017-18 year are JBC Network Authors. 

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