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Rosalie Katchen Travel Award Past Recipients


Frederica Francesconi
Visiting Assistant Professor, the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies at the University of Oregon
Title of Paper: "Domestic Service in Eighteenth-Century Italy: Jews and Christians under the Same Jewish Roof"

Shana Frydman
Doctoral Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center
Title of Paper: "Tradition and Transition: American Orthodox Jewish Women Becoming and Being Sexually Active within Marriage"

Adara Goldberg
Education Director, Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in British Columbia
Title of Paper: "'I was Afraid of Bringing Children into the World:' The Complex Roles of Female Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Canada”

Shaun Jacob Halper
Doctoral Candidate, UC Berkeley
Title of Paper: "The Jewish Homosexuality of Mordechai Jiri Langer (1894-1943)"

David Koffman
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of History at the University of Toronto
Title of Paper: "Managing Manhood: The Anxieties of American Jewish Medicine"

Oren Segal
Visiting Instructor, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies at University of Michigan
Title of Paper: "AIDS, Holocaust, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Benny Ziffer's Muselmann"

Dalia Wassner
HBI Scholar-in-Residence, Fall 2012
Title of Paper: “Tango, Film, and Satirical Journalism in the Construction of Argentine National Identity”


Rachel Harris
Leslie Ginsparg Klein
Michaela Mudure
Rachel Rockenmacher


Ilan Fuchs
Emily Katz
Reuven Kiperwasser


Adriana Brodsky
University of Southern Indiana
AJS Paper: Tasting Food, Creating Identity: Sephardic Women and the Domestic Aspects of Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Gender

Yael Chaver
University of California, Berkeley
AJS Paper: How Shall I Go So Poor?: The European Poetry of Rikuda Potash

Amy Feinstein
Colgate University
AJS Paper: An Aesthetics of Alienation and Intermarriage: The Avant-Garde Jewish Writings of Gertrude Stein and Mina Loy

Ephraim Shoham-Steiner
Harvard University
AJS Paper: A Dead Man, a Magic Well and a Leper: Thoughts Concerning Two Jewish Rituals and Their Rationalizations from the European High Middle Ages


Lori Harrison-Kahan
University of Pennsylvania
AJS Paper: In the Same Show Boat? Jewish Imitations of Black Life in the Fiction of Edna Ferber and Fannie Hurst

Melissa Klapper
Rowan University
AJS Paper: Youth, Gender and Public Space in American Jewish Community Institutions at the Turn of the Century