Research Associate Program

Research Associates are HBI affiliates who carry out projects that support the institute’s mission. The HBI provides RAs with academic oversight, access to the HBI and the resources of Brandeis University. The HBI does not provide RAs with assigned work space at the institute or with financial support. Individuals may, however, apply for funding through any of the HBI programs. 

Applications to the RA program are by invitation only.

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Derya Agis
A Comparison of the Turkish, European, and American Sephardic Female Children's Games

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Ornit Barkai

Film: "Las Polaccas" (Working Title)

Edna Barromi Perlman

Analysis of visual documentation of women on kibbutz from the 1940s to 1960s

Debra Reed Blank
Feminism and the Emergence of New Jewish Ritual

Linda Borish
"Jewish Women in American Sport"

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Yarden Fanta-Vagenshtein
The Glass Ceiling as Experienced by Ethiopian-Jewish Women Immigrants in Israel and by Haitian Women in the United States

Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti
Civil Marriage and Religion in Liberal Italy (1861 - 1915): The Jewish Side of the Story

Ilan Fuchs
An Orthodox Cosmic Response: Har-Hamor Yeshiva and its Methods in Dealing with Modernity

Kinga Frojimovics

Questioning the Questionnaires: Comparison Between Early and Late Holocaust Testimony Collection Projects (with Dr. Rita Horvath)

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Josette Goldish
The Jewish Curaçaoan diaspora during the late 18th and first half of the 19th century

Ellen Golub

Short story collection using characters from Sholem Aleichem's fiction

Debra Guckenheimer

Jerusalem Feminist Activism

Ruth Ellen Gruber
(Candle)sticks on Stone: Representing the Woman in Jewish Tombstone Art

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Viva Hammer
Family size among Orthodox Jewish women

Rita Horvath

Questioning the Questionnaires: Comparison Between Early and Late Holocaust Testimony Collection Projects (with Dr. Kinga Frojimovics)

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Rachel Kadish
Various fiction and non-fiction projects dealing with Jews and gender

Debra Kaufman
Macro (Institutional) and Micro (Individual) Post Holocaust Jewish Identity Narratives: Some Feminist Questions

Stanislav Kolar

Transformation of Contemporary Jewish American Literature

Gila Kornfield-Jacobs
Two Daughters Remember Their Father

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Anne Lerner
Abraham, Sarah and Hagar: A Classic Menage a Trois

Nina Lichtenstein

Francophone Sephardic Women’s Writing

Layah Kranz Lipsker
Get Your Get

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Karen McLennan

“Berthe Pappenheim’s Vocation”

Rhonda Moskowitz

Film: "Return" (Teshuva)

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Vanessa Paloma
Women's songs, stories and rituals in the formation of Northern Moroccan Jewish identity

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Judy Rakowsky

Book about the search for a family relative who survived the Holocaust and then disappeared

Moshe Rosman

Jewish Women in Eastern Europe in the Early Modern Period

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Jenny Schlossberg

Creative writing: "Old as the Pyramids & Romances of a Jewess"

Laura Silver
“Knish Sisters: Mrs. Stahl, The Sholom Auxiliary, Bella Sherman and Me”

Haim Sperber
East European Rabbis' Attitudes Towards the Agunot Phenomenon, 1850-1900

Leslie Starobin

Artistic project: “The Last Address” consisting of montages exploring memory, history and culture in the lives of 20th century Jewish women and their families from dispersed communities around the world

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Dalia Wassner
The Pen, the Sword and the Uterus: Argentine Jewish Women and the Construction of Inclusive Public Spheres