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Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence may be paid or unpaid depending upon the type of leave and the circumstances. A leave of absence may also affect an employee’s eligibility to participate in certain University benefit plans.

Summer Leaves of Absence (Unpaid)

Complete an Employee Change Form (ECF) for employees who work less than 52 weeks per year and are paid only for time at work. This form is required to place the employee on unpaid leave during the summer months and to resume the employee’s active pay status. Both dates may be entered on the form.

Reminder: If there is a change in the employee’s status during the leave period submit a revised ECF (Employee Change Form) or contact the Employee Relations staff. For example, an employee may resign employment or become eligible for another type of leave.

Staff Leaves of Absence Due to Medical Reasons

An employee who requires time off from work due to their own medical condition or to care for an immediate family member who is seriously ill may be eligible for a leave of absence and should be directed to contact the Benefits section of the Office of Human Resources for consultation.

The Benefits staff will determine if the employee is eligible for a leave and which medical leave category applies (i.e. FMLA Leave, Massachusetts Maternity Leave, Medical Leave) and will provide the employee with the appropriate forms.  The employee's supervisor will be notified of eligibility and pay status of the leave once documentation has been received and approved. 

The leave may be paid, unpaid, or a combination of paid and unpaid, depending on the circumstances.  The Benefits staff will inform the employee of their pay status during an approved medical leave.  Paid sick leave benefits may include the use of accrued sick days, short-term illness benefit (exempt staff only), and the 60% extended illness benefit.  In addition, the employee may be able to apply accrued vacation and personal time.  Note, except for the 60% extended illness benefit, salary paid to the employee during the leave will continue to be charged to the employee's salary chartstring.

The Benefits staff will complete the Employee Change Form (ECF) to update the employee’s status, remove the employee from payroll and return the employee to payroll. Visit the Benefits Office for more information.

If an employee is injured while at work, please visit Worker’s Compensation for relevant information.

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Staff Leaves of Absence - Other

If an employee requires a leave of absence due to personal, military or professional reasons, contact an HR Employment Specialist for more information about such leaves.

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Faculty Leaves of Absence Due to Medical Reasons

The Benefits section of the Office of Human Resources coordinates with the appropriate Dean's Office when a faculty member requires a leave due to their own medical condition or to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition.

Faculty should be instructed to contact the Benefits section regarding their eligibility and pay status during the requested leave.  The Benefits section will provide the faculty member with the appropriate application form.  The Employee Change Form (ECF) is completed by the Academic Budget and Planning Department (for faculty in Arts & Sciences and IBS) or Heller-SIHP Administration (for faculty in the Heller School).

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Faculty Leaves of Absence - Other

Faculty members are eligible for leaves of absence for research or sabbatical as described in the Faculty Handbook. The Employee Change Form (ECF) is used to notify Human Resources staff of such leaves.

For additional information on Faculty Leaves of Absence, visit the Office of the Provost or contact the department/academic administrator or Dean’s Office.

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