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Break Time For Nursing Mothers

An employee who chooses to breast feed her child will be provided reasonable break times during her work schedule to express milk for her child. Human Resources staff will assist employees in getting access to a place within their assigned building or close to the building, which is shielded from the view of others and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public to express milk.

If there is no available space within the employee’s assigned building or close to that building, she will be given access to a private room in the Gryzmish building. If it is necessary for her to drive to this building during the workday, she will be given a temporary parking pass for one year to more conveniently access the building.

Employees who need accommodations to their work schedules and access to a private space should contact Linda Shinomoto, Director of Employment and Employee Relations at 781-736-4456 or

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