One Time Payment Form (OTF)

Important Contacts

HRIS - x68411
Employment - x64474
Benefits - x64468
Compensation - x63653
Payroll - x64475

One Time Payments

One-time payments are paid to staff members and faculty for work completed outside the scope of their regular positions. 

  • One-time payments for staff must be reviewed by the Director of Compensation and the Vice President for Human Resources
  • One time payments for faculty should be sent directly to Roland Maher, Provost's Office, for review

Reminder:  Student employees should never be paid a one time payment.  Federal Work Study rules stipulate that all hours worked must be recorded on a timesheet.  Furthermore, paying students on an hourly basis ensures that they receive no less than minimum wage and helps maintain pay equity across campus. 

For questions regarding student employment please contact Student Financial Services at 781-736-3700.

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