Nomination Forms

Download nomination form for the Lou Ennis Staff Award and the Louis and Helen Zirkel Staff Award:

Ennis/Zirkel Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Employee Recognition Awards

Lou Ennis Staff Award

Overview: Named for the former assistant vice president for employee relations, who retired from Brandeis in 1995, the Ennis Staff Award is presented annually to a member of the administrative staff.

Eligibility: Any full-time member of the staff who provides administrative services, such as department and faculty administrators, coordinators and managers.

Selection Criteria: Those individuals who are nominated should demonstrate loyalty and dedication to the university and to its mission. Their behavior should be professional, helpful and friendly, and they should be known to consistently treat all members of the community with dignity and respect. The nominee should be one who goes above and beyond the requirements of the job and has a history of consistent contributions to the well being of the university.

Award: $500

Year Winner Department
2017 R. Lynn Rardin Division of Science
2016 Tim O'Neil Technology Services
2015 Hadyee A. Vazquez Registrar
2014 Ellen Rounseville Romance Studies
2013 Matthew McNeely Physics
2012 Laurel Carpenter Anthropology
2011 Lisa Pannella  English
2010 Julie Seeger Philosophy
2009 Martha Barry Library and Technology Services
2008 Gwenn Smaxwill Summer School
2006-07 Ryan Donahue Facilities Administration
2005 Vincent Ventrone Technology Services
2004 Dennis Finn Facilities Administration
2003 Marci McPhee Ethics Center
2002 Angela Fragala-Garger Conference and Events
2001 Ralph Szymczak University Libraries
2000 Richard Hogan Chemistry
1999 Judy Hanley Sociology
1998 Angie Simeone American Studies
1997 Marcia Cabral Biology
1996 Barbara Wakefield Heller School

Louis and Helen Zirkel Staff Award

Overview: Made possible through the generosity of Lehigh University Professor Perry A. Zirkel, a friend of former Brandeis President Sam Thier, the Zirkel Staff Award — named for Zirkel's parents — is presented annually to a member of the support staff.

Eligibility: Any full-time member of the staff who provides support services, such as staff assistants, library staff, members of the facilities management staff (i.e., custodians and groundsworkers), police officers and lab assistants.

Selection criteria: Those individuals who are nominated should have made a significant contribution to or have demonstrated consistent effort to improve the service and the operation of his/her department and of the university. The contributions of the nominee should exceed the requirements of the job and demonstrate efforts above and beyond the "call of duty."

Award: $500

Year Winner Department
2017 Mayvorly Ramirez Facilities
2016 Taneeta Bacon Community Living
2015 Rebecca A. Mahoney English
2014 Kelly Whiffen Student Activities
2013 Ryan D. Gill Human Resources
2012 Alasdair Post-Quinn LTS
2011 Shari Zingle Academic Services
2010 Catherine Broderick Physics
2009 Silva Bedrossian Student Financial Services
2008 Dona DeLorenzo History
2006-07 Frank Mello Facilities Administration
2005 William Mewborn Facilities Administration
2004 Jill Cahill St. Peter Student Development
2003 Joe Bisson Facilities Administration
2002 Anna Battista Chemistry
2001 Charles Fremault Facilities Services
2000 Janet Driscoll Registrar's Office
1999 Eduardo Arroco Rosenstiel Center
1998 Robert Marino Facilities Services
1997 Patricia Erba Admissions
1996 Roseann Coneeny Dining Services