Additional Resources

The Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies conducts extensive research in a wide variety of areas.


Development at the Core Worksheets

The following worksheets guide participants from assessment of current fundraising efforts through the development of a fundraising plan for the future.

Vision of the Effective Development Shop
Checklist of best practices for the organization, its board, and its development function

Human Resources and Leadership for Fundraising
Dashboard view of the organization’s capabilities with regard to volunteer leadership and staff

Fundraising Goals and Results
Worksheet for assessing recent fundraising accomplishments.

Stewardship Practices and Policies
Worksheet for assessing current practices and policies regarding donor relations.

Board Profile

Worksheet for assessing how successfully current board members provide needed qualities and determining what other capacities and talents should be developed for the future

Fundraising Goals
Worksheet for setting goals for each source of revenue over three years

Case Materials
Checklist of materials needed for the case statement

Prepare for The Ask
14 questions to answer prior to a solicitation

The Development Committee
Responsibilities of the development committee and its chair

The Plan
Template for a three-year fundraising plan