2008 Activities

24th Annual
Kaplan Seminar for Emerging Professionals

July 20 – 23, 2008
Hassenfeld Conference Center
Brandeis University, Waltham

The Kaplan Seminar for Emerging Professionals cultivates leadership talent for the Jewish community. Designed for outstanding Jewish leaders with five to ten years of professional experience in the Jewish community, the seminar builds managerial and leadership capabilities, roots them deeply in Jewish tradition, and provides professionals with much-needed time for learning, reflection, and renewal. It deals with issues paramount at this stage—the reality of middle management, the joys and frustrations of the job, and the path of one’s career. It also delves into topics of concern to all communal leadership—lay and professional relations, supervision, fundraising, and the place of the profession and the organization in a rapidly changing world. The seminar strengthens the Jewish communal enterprise by educating and enriching its professional leadership.

The Kaplan Seminar for Emerging Professionals was made possible through the generosity of Edward H. and Irene Kaplan.

History of Kaplan Seminar

What Makes Jewish Fundraising Unique
Isn’t a dollar a dollar?

March 31, 2008
8:00 a.m.-9:16 a.m.
Association of Fundraising Professionals International Conference
San Diego Convention Center

The success of Jewish fundraising has an almost mythic quality yet, for better or worse, Jewish nonprofits have struggled to adjust to significant changes in Jewish philanthropy. The successful ones have grasped the Jewish philosophy that underlies charitable giving and have adapted to changes in their environment. This session will examine three factors that lend Jewish fundraising its unique set of challenges and opportunities—the values that underlie concepts of asking and giving in the Jewish world, the shifts in the Jewish communal infrastructure, and the emergence of new wealth and the new Jewish donor. (Powerpoint)

If you are interested in joining or learning about the AFP Jewish Affinity Group in formation, please contact us at FisherBernstein@brandeis.edu, (Invitation)

Developing the Developers
Planning Consultation

January 23, 2008
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Luncheon and networking to follow)
Hassenfeld Conference Center
Brandeis University, Waltham

An open planning meeting was held to present the design of Developing the Developers and to solicit reactions and advice on how to make the program maximally useful to the field. Participants at the meeting came from New England area Jewish federations, agencies, organizations, and synagogues. Participants sampled the three components of the program and then discussed how best to shape the program to serve them, their staff, and their agency most effectively.