We need a 'Global Student Research Corps'

In India, Former Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz called for partnerships to advance knowledge and social justice

MumbaiFormer Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz (1994 - 2010), who had been pushing the idea of Big Ideas to address pressing issues in the world and in the academy, offered a big idea of his own during a recent visit to India, calling for creation of a Global Student Research Corps to generate the data and the knowledge that we need to battle the effects of climate change and other global challenges.”

 The president made his proposal during remarks at the 2010 Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, and in subsequent conversations and interviews with Indian academics and journalists.

 “Such a network of students could work together on common research projects — gathering data in their local communities and sharing the data on a common Web platform where the results would be available to students, scholars and policymakers alike,” he said.

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Speeches by Former President Reinharz

Jehuda in MumbaiAsia Society Speech, Feb. 10, 2010 — In a public lecture hosted by the Asia Society in Mumbai, former president Reinharz addressed the role of colleges and universities in tackling the major global problems of our time. Challenges like climate change, persistent poverty, and pandemic diseases can't be tackled in isolation, he said. The full text of the speech will be posted here soon.

videoWatch a video of the speech

video"The purpose of a liberal arts education"

2010 Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, Feb. 5 - 7, 2010 — Reinharz was an invited panelist at the 2010 DSDS hosted by TERI and opened by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. During his panel on "mobilizing knowledge and knowledge institutions," President Reinharz spoke about the need to tackle climate change from an interdisciplinary, liberal arts perspective. Read his full remarks.

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