Praise for Our Work

"Just as she did when she started Common Cause Magazine, Florence Graves has created a special place where journalists experienced in the work of monitoring people and institutions of power can independently pursue their work. Better still, she has developed the Institute in an academic setting where their values, skills, and passion can be handed on to a new generation. Brandeis University is to be congratulated for creating in its midst the perfect symbol of Justice Brandeis's belief in the role of an aggressive free press."

          —Bill Kovach
          Founding Chairman, Committee of Concerned Journalists,
          Kovach has been chief of the New York Times Washington
          Bureau, editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
          and curator of the Nieman Fellowships at Harvard 

"The Brandeis University Institute for Investigative Journalism is an aggressive and important new player in the expanding world of non-profit journalism, which is only growing more essential as resources shrink for this vital work at for-profit news organizations."

          —Alex S. Jones
          Laurence M. Lombard Lecturer in the Press and Public Policy
          and Director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press,
          Politics and Public

"The magazine you published for Common Cause was the singularly best investigative magazine in the country."

          —Bill Moyers
          Chair, Schumann Center for Media and Democracy,
          (to Florence George Graves, Institute Founding Director)

“With newspapers increasingly unable or unwilling to do in-depth and investigative reporting, independent foundations and centers will play a crucial role in this most important kind of journalism. Florence Graves has been doing exactly that kind of journalism her entire career. We should expect cutting edge work from her Institute.”

          —Rosemary Armao
          Past President, JAWS (Journalism & Women Symposium)
          and Past Executive Director,
          IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors)

"Holding powerful interests accountable is at the core of the journalistic mission. At a time when many news organizations are unable or unwilling to support investigative journalism, there is increasing need for watchdog reporting. The Brandeis Institute for Investigative Journalism makes such reporting possible."

          —Melissa Ludtke
          Editor, Nieman Reports, Harvard University;
          former Time Magazine correspondent

Common Cause was “one of the premier muckraking magazines of our time.” 

          —Brooks Jackson
          Director, Annenberg Political Fact Check; former
          Wall Street Journal and CNN journalist

“If Common Cause Magazine threw a reunion, it would look like a convention of today’s top investigative reporters. With a brand of muckraking that belonged more to the era of Ida Tarbell than of Rupert Murdoch, the magazine attracted and nurtured journalists who had a zeal for exposing the abuses of the powerful.”