Visiting Research Scholars

Visiting Research Scholars


Diane Carr

DIANE CARR is a seasoned professional and dedicated volunteer with a diverse background in computer science and psychology. She has worked as a software engineer for Kronos Inc., and as a LAN/PC support specialist for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. As a longtime volunteer for many local organizations, Diane has served as an animal rights advocate, an environmental consultant, and anelder care advocate. Most recently, Diane completed master’s level counseling course work at Lesley University, which enhanced her related volunteer work, including mentoring an inmate who attends the Boston University Prison Education Program. Diane has worked with the Samaritans Suicide Hotline and with REACH Beyond Domestic Violence. Since 2015, she has also been a member of the Waltham Toastmasters group. At Schuster Institute, Diane lends her expertise to support ongoing investigative projects.

Robert DeNoble

ROBERT DeNOBLE is an experienced senior health care executive, management consultant and healthcare thought leader. Most recently Bob served as president and CEO of the Marion Center for Integrative Health, and prior to that held the samerole with Applied Management Systems. He has also held senior management positions at KPMG, and Rhode Island, Mount Auburn and McLean hospitals and currently serves on the board of the Austen Riggs Center, a unique psychiatric hospital in Western Massachusetts. Bob was one of the founding directors of the Harvard Business School Healthcare Alumni Association. At Schuster Institute, Bob provides insight on corporate financial records and other business matters for our investigative work.

Marian Glaser

MARIAN GLASER, who has practiced law in Massachusetts since 1978, worked for Greater Boston Legal Services until 1992, and has been in a private civil litigation practice since that time. Over the years, she has been an active advocate for social justice groups promoting civil rights, prison reform, tenant rights, and economic justice. At Schuster Institute she lends her extensive legal expertise in researching and analyzing wrongful conviction cases and other investigations, backgrounding sources and providing insights into the justice system.

Lisa Miller

LISA MILLER most recently served as a senior vice president and associate general counsel at Massachusetts Financial Service Company. She reported to the general counsel and provided advice on a wide variety of legal matters including civillitigation, complex financial instruments, human resource issues, real estate andother non-SEC related corporate matters. Prior to that, she was a partner at Hale and Dorr in the commercial department. She clerked with the United Stated Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts after graduating from Boston University School of Law. At Schuster Institute, Lisa uses her expertise to analyze financial filings and look for irregularities that could lead to findings of corruptionor fraud.

Laura Paige

LAURA PAIGE is a third year Ph.D. student in the Psychology Department at Brandeis University. Her research interests are in memory distortion, or remembering things that did not happen or differently from how events occurred. Specifically, in the laboratory she studies situations (e.g., social interactions) and individual differences (e.g., suggestibility) that would elicit false memories, which extends to real-world application in the courtroom. At Schuster Institute she brings her passion for scientific research to wrongful conviction cases by providing insight into the psychological grounding behind faulty eyewitness memory and false confessions. She wants to incorporate more empirical evidenceinto the courtroom in the hopes of shedding light on much-needed updates in thecriminal justice system.

Shanlai Shangguan

SHANLAI SHANGGUAN, a Chinese native, has traveled around the world and studied History, Environmental and International Studies at Brandeis University and Humboldt University in Germany. Having worked with local environmental organizations in Boston and completed health projects with the CDC, Shanlaid eveloped particular interest in environmental health issues. For the study “Assessing Occupational Exposure in Nail Salons” in Boston, she collected, managedand analyzed data and worked closely with salon technicians, environmental experts and the Boston Public Health Commission to examine and bring attention tothe levels of exposure of acetone, Toluene, formaldehyde, and other chemicals. At Schuster Institute, Shanlai further explores chemical exposures in the beauty product industry and applies her research and language skills and multicultural perspective to our environmental justice projects.