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Corruption in international adoptions

Orphaned or Stolen?
The U.S. State Dept.
  investigates adoption
  from Nepal, 2006-2008

"Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis,", September 12, 2010

"The Baby Business," Democracy Journal, Summer 2010

"The Lie We Love," Foreign Policy magazine, Nov./Dec. 2008




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Country by country: adoption corruption reports from around the world:

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NOTE: This page from the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism website offers documentation of and background about serious irregularities in international adoption. For the systemic analysis of corruption in international adoption, please read “The Lie We Love,” Foreign Policy magazine, Nov./Dec. 2008, and visit our webpages dedicated to international adoption. For ideas about fairer policy solutions, please read “The Baby Business,” Democracy Journal, Summer 2010.

News Reports of Adoption
 Irregularities in the
  Marshall Islands

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“Utah adoptions probe widens,” Kirsten Stewart, June 10, 2007, The Salt Lake Tribune.

“A costly fight to have a family of their own—Adoption: An agency is accused of failing to deliver babies for paying couples, with Marshallese authorities to investigate,” Walter F. Roche Jr., March 6, 2004, The Baltimore Sun.

“Babies Betrayed: Illegal practices involving foreign moms complicate adoptions here and nationwide,” Rob Perez, March 7, 2004, Star Bulletin.

“Adoption Practice Draws Concern.” Rob Perez, March 5, 2004, Starbulletin.

“Illegal adoptions found to continue: Island official seeks help from U.S. to stop practice," Walter F. Roche Jr., February 19, 2004, The Baltimore Sun.

“Marshall Baby Market Blocked,” Kristen Sawada, January 23, 2004, Pacific Business News.

“Homeland chief is asked to block adoption flights,” Walter F. Roche Jr., January 8, 2004, The Baltimore Sun.

“Marshallese adoption authority begins getting a trickle of calls,” Walter F. Roche Jr., December 20, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“Isle adoption pipeline deceiving, critics say,” Rob Perez, November 30, 2003, Starbulletin.

“At least they have a chance,” Walter F Roche Jr., November 2, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“A Duel for a Daughter Agonizes Two Families,” Walter F. Roche, November 3, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“The Adopted Sisters’ Dark Tale,” Walter F. Roche, November 3, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“Bridging the Wide Cultural Gap,” Walter F. Roche, November 3, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“A Birth Mother Alleges Coercion,” Walter F. Roche, November 3, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“Island Adoption Market Delivers Pain and Profit,” Walter F. Roche, November 2, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“Playing on Mothers’ Hopes,” Walter F. Roche, November 2, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“Micronesia acts to reign in ‘body brokers’; Island congress enforces ban on contracts that lead to ‘servitude’ in U.S.,” Walter F. Roche Jr., March 19, 2003, The Baltimore Sun.

“Hundreds of Marhallese Babies Adopted on Kauai and Oahu,” Lester Chang, August 19, 2003,

Resources & Related Documents 

“If I Give You My Child, Aren't We Family? A Study of Birthmothers Participating in Marshall Islands-U.S. Adoptions,” Jini Roby and Stephanie Matsumura, June 1, 2002, Adoption Quarterly Vol. 5.4.

“Openness in International Adoptions A Study of US Parents Who Adopted Children from the Marshall Islands,” Jini Roby with Jamie Wyatt, Boston College, and Gregory Pettys, Brigham Young University, October 11, 2005, Adoption Quarterly Vol.8.3.

“SPECIAL: An Analysis of New RMI Adoption Policies III.” Dr. Julianne M. Walsh Kroeker ,October 2003, Yokwe Online.

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