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Corruption in international adoptions

Orphaned or Stolen?
The U.S. State Dept.
  investigates adoption
  from Nepal, 2006-2008

"Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis,", September 12, 2010

"The Baby Business," Democracy Journal, Summer 2010

"The Lie We Love," Foreign Policy magazine, Nov./Dec. 2008




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Country by country: adoption corruption reports from around the world:

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Images of Russia

NOTE: This page from the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism website offers documentation of and background about serious irregularities in international adoption. For the systemic analysis of corruption in international adoption, please read “The Lie We Love,” Foreign Policy magazine, Nov./Dec. 2008, and visit our webpages dedicated to international adoption. For ideas about fairer policy solutions, please read “The Baby Business,” Democracy Journal, Summer 2010.

News Reports of Adoption
 Irregularities in Russia

“Russia-US Adoption Agreement to Come into Effect by Year end- Ministry,” July 21, 2010, Ria Novosti.

"U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty," Freeman Klopott, January 12, 2009, Washington Examiner.

“Russian Attitudes Colder Toward Foreign Adoptions,” Anne Garrels, December 17, 2008, NPR.

“Lawmakers set to toughen human trafficking law,” March 27, 2008, BBC Worldwide Monitoring.
“US Agencies Investigated for Forgeries in Russian Adoptions,” November 16, 2007, Fleas Biting Blog.

“Working on Overhaul, Russia Halts Adoption Applications,” Lynette Clemetson, April 12, 2007, The New York Times.

"Officials call for tougher foreign adoption rules," Claire Bigg, July 26, 2005, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

“Babies-for-sale trade faces a global crackdown,” Carolyn Wheeler, November 21, 2004, The Observer.

“Adoptions stalled: reform or red tape?” Fred Weir, June 16, 2000, Christian Science Monitor. 

“Russia’s Abused Children Suffering Grim Neglect,” David Filipov, January 2, 1999, The Boston Globe. (Requires subscription.)

“Mothers Fight Baby-Snatchers,” E Monaghan, April 24, 1995, Herald Sun.

“Russians torn over adoption of orphans,” Olivia Ward, November 22, 1992, Toronto Star

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