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The Justice Integrity Project is a non-partisan research and education initiative established in 2010 by concerned citizens to improve oversight of prosecution and judicial decisions suspected as abusive. Its primary focus is political and other arbitrary prosecutions and official corruption cases. The Project promotes effective oversight, educates the public and its opinion-leaders and works with legal officials, organizations, and voters to increase awareness of how injustice harms the country. It is constructed to aid legal reform researchers. It includes regularly contributed writing that is sometimes but not purely investigative and may contain opinion and a significant round up of others' reporting, often in an appendix for further reading. 

Recent headlines from
the Justice Integrity Project

Former NSA Analyst, Secret Service Officer Speaks Out On Scandals

A Washington culture of cover-up has paved the way for the Secret Service Hooker-gate in South America—and even-bigger national security scandals directly affecting the public's privacy and other freedoms.

That's the view of former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst and White House Secret Service officer Kenneth W. Ford, Jr., who makes a compelling case also that federal authorities framed him on criminal charges in 2005 for political reasons. Ford, at right, last summer completed a six-year prison sentence on implausible charges that he illegally rolled a truck up to NSA headquarters to remove more than 20 boxes of documents for personal use. His real crime appears to be that he authored an NSA memo in 2003 concluding that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)—at a time when the Bush-Cheney White House wanted to cite bogus WMD fears to create public support for an invasion of Iraq. More>

'Liberal' California Courts Block Obama's Totalitarian Power Grab

A California-based federal appeals court has blocked an astonishing power grab by the Obama Justice Department, which sought the power to file criminal charges against Americans who misuse their employer's computer. Civil rights attorney Harvey A. Silverglate, below left, published a column in Forbes underscoring the vast discretion that the DOJ sought under Attorney Gen. Eric Holder, right—and apparently holds currently through part of the nation except in the West Coast states governed by U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals legal interpretations. More>

Connecticut Moves to Abolish Death Penalty

Connecticut is poised to abolish the death penalty following General Assembly passage of an abolition bill and a major studying showing that executions have been imposed unfairly. Gov. Dan Malloy, left, said he will sign the bill, which was approved 86 to 62 in the state's lower house after passage by the Senate. 

Meanwhile in North Carolina, jury selection began April 12 in the federal corruption trial of two-time Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards. The former North Carolina U.S. senator, at right in a file photo, is accused of illegally making payments to his mistress, Rielle Hunter, mother of his daughter. Edwards defenders say that such a scandal is not a crime, tawdry though it is. Defense arguments are expected to emphasize that gift taxes were paid on the money and it should not be considered a campaign donation because the money was not handled in traditional campaign accounts. More>

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