Exonerated by DNA:
  Massachusetts wrongful
  convictions overturned 

Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell, who spent 12 years in Massachusetts prison for a crime he did not commit, was freed in 2004 with the help of the Innocence Project. In 2011, the real perpetrator, Jerry Dixon, admitted to the crime. DNA testing further proved Powell's innocence. Photograph of Powell in Suffolk Superior Court, July 2011, by Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe.

Anthony Powell

Read a summary of Anthony Powell's case at the Innocence Project website.

Anthony Powell’s case reflects a troublesome national concern: When the wrong people are convicted of heinous crimes, the guilty are free to reoffend. While Powell was in prison for rape for 12 years, the actual perpetrator raped more women. The same DNA test that exonerated Powell eventually led police to another man, Jerry Dixon, who provided a DNA sample when he was arrested for a motor vehicle charge in 2007. This past July, Dixon pled guilty not only to the rape Powell did prison time for, but also to two other rapes committed that same year.

According to the Innocence Project’s most recent review of the first 273 DNA exonerations:

  • In nearly half (46%) of the first 273 DNA exonerations, post-conviction DNA tests revealed the true perpetrator of the crime. 
  • While the wrong person was incarcerated, the real perpetrators remained free to commit a minimum of 114 additional violent crimes, including:
    • 65 rapes
    • 30 murders
    • 19 other violent crimes.  

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