Exonerated by DNA:
  Massachusetts wrongful
  convictions overturned 

Eric Sarsfield

DNA testing of crime scene evidence excluded Eric Sarsfield as a possible perpetrator, and exonerated him after nine years in Massachusetts prisons. 

Eric Sarsfield

Read a summary of Eric Sarsfield’s case at the Innocence Project website. 

News articles related to the Eric Sarsfield case

“Ex-inmate Awarded 13.6M; Innocent Man was Jailed for Rape,” Elaine Thompson, October 7, 2006, Telegram & Gazette. 

“An Unjust Jailing, a Fledgling Lawyer, and Faith,” Megan Woolhouse, Jan 1, 2006, Boston Globe. 

“The Wrong Man; When Eric Sarsfield was sent away for 10 to 15 Years for Rape, He had Nothing Going for Him, Except Stubbornness,” Megan Woolhouse, December 11, 2005, Boston Globe.

“State will Pay Over 1.5M to Three Wrongly Convicted,” Ralph Ranalli, August 13, 2005, Boston Globe. 

“State Refuses to Reveal Case, File Suit Blames City for Wrongful Conviction,” Peter Schworm, February 12, 2004, Boston Globe. 

“City Disputes Rape Evidence was Falsified, Man Freed after DNA is Reviewed,” Peter Schworm, May 1, 2003, Boston Globe. 

“Bolton Man Tells of Ordeal,” Elaine Thompson, March 3, 2003, Telegram & Gazette. 

“Man cleared of rape files suit; $10M sought from Marlboro,” Elaine Thompson, February 25, 2003, Telegram & Gazette. 

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