Exonerated by DNA:
  Massachusetts wrongful
  convictions overturned 

Marvin Mitchell

Read a summary of Marvin Mitchell’s case at the Innocence Project website.

News articles about the
Marvin Mitchell case

“Innocent cons: Justice blind, slow to pay up,” Ann E. Donlan, May 11, 2010, The Boston Herald.

“AG poised to compensate wrongly convicted,” Jonathan Saltzman, August 3, 2005, The Boston Globe.

“Six suing state for years spent wrongly in prison,” Janette Neuwahl, February 18, 2005, The Boston Globe.

“Wrongfully convicted, 3 sue state for cash,” David Weber, February 18, 2005, The Boston Herald.

“Special report: Justice denied: Mayor pushes for 'compensation fund',” Maggie Mulvihill and Franci Richardson, May 6, 2004, The Boston Herald.

“Special report: Justice denied: These men's lives ruined forever,” Maggie Mulvihill, May 5, 2004, The Boston Herald.

“Tiny evidence changing the face of the criminal justice system,” Kay Lazar, September 24, 2000, The Boston Herald.

“A bittersweet return to freedom,” Sacha Pfeiffer, May 11, 2000, The Boston Globe.

“Nation's bogus convictions may number in the thousands,” Kay Lazar, May 9, 1999, The Boston Herald. 

“Two men falsely convicted file suit vs. city and police,” Tim Cornell and Scott Farmelant, July 28, 1998, The Boston Herald.

“2 lawsuits target alleged police lies,” Mitchell Zuckoff, July 24, 1998, The Boston Globe.

“Justice served, by a laboratory,” James Duffy, May 5, 1997, The Boston Globe. 

“DNA test frees man in child rape case,” Tim Cornell, May 3, 1997, The Boston Herald.

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