Several thousand United Methodist Women were joined by local community activists as they marched from the Kentucky International Convention Center to Baxter Square Park in Louisville, Kentucky, demanding racial and economic justice. Photo by Paul Jeffrey for United Methodist Women.

March for justice during Assembly 2014 in Louisville, United Methodist Women

Race & Justice

In every field of endeavor, in every system of power, people of color disproportionately face stiff headwinds. Race often influences where someone can own a home, who is hired or promoted, how personalities are perceived, rates of arrest and incarceration, quality of medical care, and much more. Past discrimination accumulates, as Ta-Nehisi Coates has so eloquently explained, and continues affecting health, wealth, and well-being today.

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Brown v. Board, North and South. For the fortieth anniversary of busing in Boston, the Schuster Institute partnered with WGBH to explore desegregation in Boston, Massachusetts and Jackson, Mississippi.