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Niranjana Warrier '17

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Rabia Anjum MS Neuro. '17

Roopa Boodhun '18

Tahir Abbas MA COEX '17

Vrinda Dambal '17

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Olio is Brandeis’ premiere magazine for international students & scholars to share their stories, perspectives, and anecdotes.


With over 1,400 international students at Brandeis University spanning 108 countries across the globe, Olio is a literary magazine that wishes to act as the premier platform for international students to share their unique insights with the Brandeis community. Through embracing the diversity and internationality of our community, Olio aims to bring to light the fact that we are all authentically united.

Regardless of who we are or where we come from, everyone on the Brandeis campus has a voice and story to tell. So let your voice be heard with Olio! 

Click on the image below to read the Olio Fall 2016 inaugural issue!


Olio Categories:

Real World: Brandeis: Did you discover a hidden passageway in the castle? Forge an unlikely friendship on campus? Share those quirky moments and observations that make your Brandeis experience unique.

Arts: How have the arts at Brandeis inspired your personal and social transformation?

Food: Send us the recipe of that dish from home that you miss SO much!

From the Classroom: How have your experiences in the classroom influenced your life at Brandeis?

"I used to...Now I...":How have you changed since you moved here? Well, make us a list of at least 3!


I used to stand up every time my professor entered the classroom  to show him/her respect.  Now I hold tightly onto my seat so that I won't accidentally stand up when my professor enters the classroom.

Internships:How do you feel when you finish a day at your internship?

Sports: Calling all Judges! Tell us all about your life on the field, courts, track, water, slopes, etc.

Travel: Does New York City live up to your expectations? Is California warm enough? Does Montana really have more cows than people? Share your adventures exploring the United States!

Deis at First Sight: What do you remember about your first day at Brandeis? How did that first impression shape your expectations for your life at Brandeis? Write/draw to us!

Get Interviewed!: If you want to share your story by being interviewed instead of writing an article, please let us know!

If your work does not fit into a category: If you feel your story or creative work does not fit in with one of these categories, it’s ok! We still want to hear your voice and showcase your art.


Niranjana Warrier, '17

Carmen Altes, '16

Gregory Bonacci, '16

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