Troubleshoot: ISSO Online Check-In

Here are some tips for common ISSO Online Check-In errors.

I cannot access the form.
Make sure you are using the correct browser.  See the ISSO Check-In Browser Requirements for more information.

I am trying to edit one of my addresses/phone numbers but when I click on the link to edit nothing happens.

This most likely means the setting for the browser you are using is popping block-ups. When you click on the link, it should open a new page either in a different tab or different window (see ISSO Check-In Demo).

Depending on the browser you are using, there are different ways to fix this. Are you using Safari? Find "preferences", select "Tabs" on the top of the screen, and change "Open pages in tabs instead of windows" from "Never" to "Automatically."  Also, make sure "block pop-up windows" is not checked.

If you are using Google Chrome, when you click on the link, in the top right or bottom right corner a message should appear and you can check "allow pop-ups from" Then click on the link again and it should open in a different window or tab.

For Firefox, when you click on the link, in the top right corner a message should appear to allow pop-ups.  Then click on the link again and it should open in a different tab.
How do I edit/add a phone number/address?
First, click on the link to edit.  The most important thing to remember is to choose the correct "type."  For your U.S. address, it should be "SEVIS Local."  For your international address, it should be "SEVIS International."  For your U.S. number, even if it is not a cell phone, it should be type "cell." For your international number, it should be "permanent." After you edit or add the number/address, go back to your check-in form, click refresh, and your update will appear. Then don't forget to check the verification box.

When I upload my visa document files, I receive an error message.
If your visa document file(s) is large, it may be too large to upload to the online form.  Make sure your document files are saved in PDF format. Another thing to try is to save your files as "minimized" PDFs. 

I did not receive a confirmation message to my Brandeis account after hitting the SUBMIT button.
This means your form was not actually submitted.  Make sure you press "submit", not "save." Another thing to check to see if your form was submitted is to go back to your home page in Sage.  If the check-in link is still there, then your form was not submitted. If the check-in link is gone, then your form was submitted.

Remember, that once your form is submitted, your hold will be removed by the end of the next business day.

If your problem is not addressed above or if your problem is not resolved by the above troubleshooting tips, please email with the subject line “ISSO Check-In Problem – {write your name here}”.  In the email, explain your problem and an ISSO staff member will investigate the problem and reply as soon as possible.