List of Required Visa Docs

You have 2 scanning options:

a. Scan and upload visa documents as 1 file
b. Scan and upload visa documents as separate individual files (scan and upload visa docs as listed below)

Scanners and computers are available for use at Goldfarb Library. Take a look at the Scanning Instructions (PDF) for the Goldfarb scanners.

The following is a  list of the visa documents you are required to scan and upload to the Check-In form:

(1) valid Passport Photo ID and Expiration Date Page(s)

(2) most recent U.S. Entry Visa (Canadian students ONLY: this is not required for you)

(3) If you have a Paper Form I-94, submit a scan of the front and back of the card

(4) If you were issued an Electronic Form I-94, print it from and submit it with your ISSO Online Check-In, along with the stamp in your passport.

(5)  F-1 students only: If most recent I-20 was issued BEFORE 6/29/15, Pages 1 & 3 of Form I-20 are required; OR if most recent I-20 was issued AFTER 6/29/15, Pages 1 & 2 of Form I-20 are required (see samples on right sidebar)

(6) J-1 students only:  Page 1 of Form DS-2019

(7) The same documents for any dependent (spouse or children) in the U.S. as a dependent in F-2 or J-2 visa status.


It is highly recommended that you first scan your documents prior to filling out the Check-In form.  

This is so that you will have your scanned visa doc files saved and ready to upload to the online Check-In form.  

You will NOT be able to successfully submit the form unless you scan and upload your visa documents to it. (Exception: students on approved study abroad programs)