Schools and Child Care

Every child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which he or she attains the age of 6 and must continue schooling until the age of 16.

Public Schools

Public education is free in the United States. Most children in Massachusetts go to public schools. The area of town in which you live determines the school your child will attend.

For information about a town’s school system, call the Massachusetts Department of Education Parent Information Center at (800) 297-0002.

District profiles are also available on the Massachusetts Department of Education Web site. All parents must provide the following for each child:

  • Proof you live in jurisdiction
  • A health record with proof of immunizations
  • A birth certificate or passport
  • An academic record with proof of school attendance, grades, etc. to help determine U.S. class placement

Private Schools

There are many excellent private schools in Greater Boston, though they tend to be expensive. If you are interested in pursuing a private education for your child(ren), we recommend scheduling an appointment with the principal of the school.

Most schools will arrange for your child to spend a day in the classroom “to test the atmosphere” before registering for the term.

Child Care

Most child-care facilities in the United States can  be expensive.

The Lemberg Children’s Center on the Brandeis campus accepts children from 2 to 7 years old. There is often a waiting list for the 36 available spaces.

For information about the program, call Executive Director Howard Baker at (781) 736-2200.

The Child Care Resource Center can provide information on centers and family providers (people who will look after your child in their home, together with a few other children) in the Waltham area.  There is a nominal fee for this service.