Resources for Students & Scholars with Children

The following resources are made available for international students and scholars who will be raising children while enrolled in a degree program or while working at Brandeis.  We understand the challenges associated with both being a new parent as well as raising children in a different cultural setting from the one in which you were raised.  If you know of other resources available to parents which you would like to share, please email and we will post them on this page.

Campus Resources for Parents

Lactation Rooms at Brandeis University

For information on lactation rooms at Brandeis University, please visit the Human Resources Work-Life Balance Department. As of December 2011 there are 3 lactation rooms available on campus.

New Parents’ Groups

Café Mom

Per information on the CafeMom website CafeMom is a free online community where millions of moms meet each day to talk, share advice, make new friends, and play games.

Boston Area Fathers

Boston Area Moms

The Freedman Center for Child and Family Development

The Freedman Center offers first-time new parents’ groups free of charge. Groups meet at the Freedman Center, 225 Nevada St, Newton MA.