Brandeis Van/Shuttle Schedule

Brandeis provides a free shuttle service to and from Boston and Cambridge! Detailed pick-up schedules can be found in the link, but here are the hours:

Thursday: 6pm-2:30am

Friday: 3:30pm-3am

Saturday: 3:30pm-3am

Sunday: 12:30pm-10:30pm

Public Transportation

Public transport in the Boston area is inexpensive and usually quite reliable. What follows is a brief summary of the options. Detailed schedules, maps and fares may be obtained from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) web-site at

Commuter Rail

The MBTA Commuter Rail is the fastest way to get from Brandeis to Cambridge and Boston. The Fitchburg/South Acton Line, as it is called, stops at the Brandeis-Roberts station on South Street. Don’t make the mistake of getting off at the Waltham stop, which is much further away from campus.
If you are traveling during the day, buy your tickets in advance from Affordable Dry Cleaners, 572 South Street. A ticket to Porter Square in Cambridge or North Station costs $4.75 one-way. You may also buy tickets on the train, but these cost $2.00 more during peak-hours and $1.00 more during off-peak hours. Frequent commuters should consider buying a Commuter Rail Pass.
The Commuter Rail does not run regularly, so be sure to consult the schedule before you travel. Remember that the Commuter Rail, along with the other transportation options given below, does not run through the night — in most cases service stops soon after midnight.


The MBTA subway system (referred to as the “T”) consists of five transit lines — Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Silver, all of which intersect in downtown Boston. If you buy a plastic “Charlie Card”, the basic fare is $1.70, which you buy before boarding the “T”, and (in most cases) allows you to travel as far as you want, and change between lines at no extra cost. Monthly passes for the “T” and local buses can also be purchased, and may result in substantial savings. 
The closest “T” stops to Brandeis are Porter Square (on the Red Line, which connects to the Commuter Rail), and Riverside (on the Green Line).  It is about an $8.00 cab ride from there to the campus).


Several private bus companies provide transportation from Boston to other cities in the United States. Buses leave from South Station, which is on the Red Line, and often stop at Riverside. These are some popular bus companies: Greyhound: (800) 231-2222; Peter Pan: (800) 343-9999. Buses from Chinatown in Boston to Chinatown in New York City are an inexpensive way to travel; you can go online to for further information.


Amtrak, which operates a nationwide system of trains, offers services from South Station (on the Red Line), and Back Bay Station (on the Orange Line). Consult or call 800-872-7245.