"This was my second time participating in the program.  My partner and I moved here from CA so all our family is back on the west coast.  It is nice to be able to have students over and share this holiday with them!  We always have interesting conversation and thoroughly enjoy what has become a tradition for us!" -Host, Thanksgiving 2012 and 2011

"One of the best Thanksgivings we've had. This is a wonderful program, so glad I was able to participate." - Host

"We enjoyed hosting and would love to do it again! We definitely plan on staying in touch with our student(s)"- Host, Thanksgiving 2011

"It was very fortunate for me to have an American Thanksgiving with Professor Jaffe, his family and his friends. They are such nice and knowledgeable people that it was a big pleasure to talk with them in all night. We had turkey, stuff, yam, vegetables and dessert for dinner, which was very delicious and had the taste and smell of home. The tender, loving and caring atmosphere of the Jaffe family and the Thanksgiving dinner comforted my homesickness to a great extent and made me feel so warm here in the U.S.. I appreciate the efforts of Jaffe family and of our ISSO very much. Thank you for being so considerate and caring."-Student

"My Thanksgiving experience was wonderful! Everything went smoothly and the students were delightful.  Thanks for providing this great opportunity" -Host

"Excellent! I learned about Thanksgiving culture.  On the other hand, the host family also learned something about my culture and society through discussion." -Student, Thanksgiving 2010

"My favorite thing about the program was the family atmosphere-I video chat with my parents and have dinner with friends but that's just not the same." -Student, Thanksgiving 2010

"The program offers the local Brandeis community the chance to welcome and get to know Brandeis students from around the globe!" -Host

"It's an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange and knowing each other!" -Student, Thanksgiving 2010

"Favorite thing: Talking to different family members. Learn about more than just culture, but also other topics, like religions, etc." -Student

"Hosting two Brandeis students was a highlight of our family's Thanksgiving holiday last year. The two young women who spent the day with us were so appreciative, and the engaging conversation reminded us of how much we have to be thankful for and how important it is to share this wonderful and uniquely American celebration with our international students who are so far away form their own homes."-Thanksgiving Host

"Get to know an American family, share a delicious dinner in a good environment."-Student