Transfer-In FAQs

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I want to transfer my current F-1 SEVIS record to Brandeis – am I eligible?
If I am eligible for an F-1 SEVIS Transfer, what about my F-1 visa?

If you have been in active F-1 Status and currently have a valid F-1 Entry Visa in your passport, then your current F-1 Visa Entry will note the name of your previous institution. You do not need to go back to your home country to apply for a new F-1 visa.

However, we recommend that if you are traveling, you take all your previous Form I-20s to indicate your attendance at your previous institution.  Make sure you show your Brandeis Transfer Pending Form I-20 to the Port of Entry officer so that you are granted F-1 student status.

If your F-1 Entry Visa has expired, you will need to return to your home country and renew it before coming back to the US.  (There are a few exceptions for travel to Canada, Mexico, or Adjacent Islands – see ISSO for more details).

Why am I not eligible for an F-1 SEVIS transfer?
What if I am not eligible for an F-1 SEVIS Transfer?

If you are not eligible for a SEVIS record transfer, you need to request an "initial attendance" I-20 from Brandeis, pay a new SEVIS fee, and apply for a new F1 entry visa.  The ISSO will assist you throughout this process.

How do I request an F-1 SEVIS Transfer to Brandeis?
What documents/forms do I need to submit to request a SEVIS transfer?
Who do I send my transfer documents/forms to?

See the appropriate Transfer-In form for guidance.

What is a SEVIS record Transfer Release Date?

A release date is the date that your SEVIS record is transferred to another school.  Your International Student Advisor at “School A” will need to indicate the “release date” for your record to be transferred to Brandeis when he/she completes the appropriate Transfer-In Verification Form. 

How do I choose a SEVIS record Transfer Release Date?

It is very important to select your release date wisely. We highly recommend you contact your current International Student Advisor for guidance.  Here are some topics that you may to discuss:

  • If you are currently in the U.S., are you planning to do Practical Training before beginning a program at Brandeis?  If so, we recommend that your release date be the day after the last date of your OPT authorization. Once you are transferred to Brandeis University, you are no longer eligible to work on your practical training from your previous school.
  • If you have completed your program at a previous institution and are not planning to do practical training, you want to be sure that you transfer within the 60 day grace period following the end of your program. A SEVIS Transfer cannot be completed if your SEVIS record status is either Terminated of Completed.  Be sure to communicate with your international advisor in advance of completing your program.
  • If you are entering the U.S. for a summer program, we recommend that your release date be the day after the last date of instruction.
When do I get my Brandeis I-20(s) after my SEVIS record is transferred?

You will receive two I-20s throughout your SEVIS Transfer.

Brandeis will issue your “Transfer Pending” I-20 to you on or shortly after your SEVIS Transfer Release Date.  Your “Transfer Pending” I-20 will be issued before the first day of classes at Brandeis.

The ISSO must complete your SEVIS transfer within 15 days of the first day of classes.  To do this, you will be required to complete your mandatory ISSO Online Check-In and register for as a full-time student (register for a minimum of 12 credit hours). The ISSO will then complete your SEVIS transfer and issue you a Form I-20 indicating “Continued Attendance” at Brandeis University.