ISSO Summer Storage Email

Mar. 11, 2014

Dear International Students,

ISSO and the Department of Community Living are once again offering International Storage.  Please read the following letter carefully, as many details have changed in order to streamline and improve our service.

1)       Signing up for storage - In order to secure a space in storage, students must sign up via an electronic form, which will be sent on March 24, 2014 from the ISSO.  Spaces (about 80 total) will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  • If a student decides to “split” or “share” their space, there will only be one name per cubby space. Only the person whose name is associated with said cubby will be allowed access to the space. There will be no exceptions.

2)       Signing up for a storage move in time –Once your placement is confirmed by the ISSO, you will be sent an additional e-mail to sign up for a move-in time. Please note, if you fail to make your appointment you will be charged $20 to reschedule.

3)       Storing your items - International storage will be housed in East Quad, and can be accessed through the East Quad Office, located on Hassenfeld 3 (center entrance to the building).  

  • All your items must fit into a 3’ x 4’ x 2.5’ carrel. 
  • You are expected to have belongings packed in boxes (purchased on your own) and tightly secured.  All items over capacity can be stored with UPS or College Boxes, which has a relationship with Brandeis University (you can contact them through the Student Services Bureau at  Items not secured in a box will not be allowed in the storage space (excluding refrigerators).
  • You are responsible for transporting your items.  Community Living staff will provide you with stickers to properly label the boxes. 
  • You should not leave any valuable belongings (computers, TVs, etc.), or any items you will need upon immediate return (linens, toiletries, mobile phones, etc.). 
  • The University is not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur.  Therefore, you are encouraged to make sure that any items you do choose to leave are covered under your own personal insurance.

4)       Storage Times in the Spring –You will need to bring your Brandeis ID to your appointment, which will be checked/verified by Community Living Staff before you are granted access to store your belongings

For the closing of the residence halls in May, International Storage will be open for appointments between the following times: (Note: These times are on a first come first serve basis.)

1)       Wednesday, April 30 (Study day)            6pm-9pm

2)       Thursday, May 1 (Study day)                    6pm-9pm

3)       Monday, May 5                                            6pm-9pm

4)       Thursday, May 8                                         6pm-9pm

5)       Retrieving Items in the Fall: For the opening of the residence halls in August, International Storage will be open for appointments during the following times:

1)       Monday, August 18                     6pm-9pm

2)       Monday, August 25                     6pm-9pm

3)       Wednesday, August 27              6pm-9pm

4)       Friday, August 29                        6pm-9pm

5)       Monday, September 1               6pm-9pm

6)       Wednesday, Sept 3                    6pm-9pm

7)       Thursday, Sept 4                         6pm-9pm


  • Once stored, items will not be available until the scheduled pick up times in August, except in cases of emergency.  Should you need to collect your belongings in times other than those listed above, it must be requested through the Department of Community Living (; any approvals will result in a $20 charge, due at the time of access.  Please bring $20 in cash.  No change can be provided.
  • Items are stored only for the summer.  All belongings not retrieved by September 11, 2013 will be discarded. 
    •  Students planning to study abroad during the fall semester may request permission for their items to be stored during the fall term and retrieved in January 2014.


All questions regarding your status as a student and exceptional circumstances should be addressed to the ISSO (781.736.3480). However, if you have questions regarding storage policies, including drop-off and pick up of items with international storage, please contact Stephanie Crane ( at the East CDC.

We wish you a productive end of the year and a safe trip home this summer.

Department of Community Living & International Students and Scholars Office