Wasserman Cinematheque

The Wasserman Cinematheque contains state-of-the-art display technology, under the auspices of the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program (FTIM). Wasserman supports traditional 35mm motion pictures and D-Cinema, as well as multiple formats of high-resolution (including DCP) video screenings. Projection booth staff no longer support 16mm film playback. The Wasserman Cinematheque also houses a technology-equipped Instructor Lectern on the main stage.  Equipment located on the stage is supported by Media Technology Services (MTS) 781-736-4635.

The Wasserman Cinematheque exists under the direction of the FTIM chair and executive committee.  Interested parties may read the Provost policies statement for Wasserman. All related inquiries should be approved by the department at 781-736-8270

Reserving Wasserman

Contact: Film, Television and Interactive Media Program "FTIM" administrators by either:

  1.  Completion and submission of the Google webform.
  2. Calling the office 781-736-8270

Support for Screenings in Wasserman

Any use of the Wasserman projection booth requires a projectionist hired through the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program. Licensed projectionists should be retained through FTIM at 781-736-8270.

Media Technology Services (MTS) supports registrar-scheduled classes in the Cinematheque during our regular operating hours. As staffing allows, MTS will also support Conference & Events activity in the Cinematheque.  All such activity requires approval from FTIM.

Ordering Films or Videos for Screenings in Wasserman

Individual departments within the Brandeis community are responsible for their own ordering process, including logistics.

Department administrators should use care when speaking to film and video vendors, making sure that the print obtained is compatible with the Wasserman Cinematheque facility.

Film transfer must occur during business hours.

Tips for ordering 35mm motion film for Wasserman Cinematheque

Display & Sound in Wasserman

Film Formats (Aspect Ratio)

Wasserman Cinematheque projection capabilities: 1.33, 1.66, 1.85, and scope formats. With certain silent films, there are prints with a full frame aspect ratio; special arrangements need to be made with the licensed projectionist to screen these films. Please let the FTIM program administrators know one month ahead of time when these special arrangements are needed.


When booking your films, please let the FTIM  administrators know which of these formats have been requested. Film canisters do not clearly define sound formats. The projectionist is much more prepared if sound formats are documented in the work order ahead of time.