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Academic Credit

The Justice Brandeis Semester is designed to support you in immersing deeply in an area of interest. We invite and encourage you to consider using the JBS as the foundation of your senior thesis.

JBS courses — designated with a “J” in the course number — carry the same academic weight as other courses, with grades applied to the GPA. In keeping with university-wide pass/fail regulations, you may elect to take one course in each JBS program on a pass/fail basis. Please contact Phil Dolan in the Summer School Office regarding filing a pass/fail - you must file your pass/fail before 20% of your course is complete - this will vary based on the timing of each course in your JBS.

The number of academic credits available varies; each JBS program offers a customized curriculum composed of specific courses that support its area of inquiry, and credits vary accordingly. In general, summer JBS programs carry 12 credits and fall programs carry 16-20 credits. Check your program of interest for specifics.

Because JBS programs are carefully constructed units, designed to provide complete, immersive experiences, all courses within each program must be completed; courses may not be “mixed and matched” among various JBS programs.

You may note that some JBS courses share a title with regular academic-year courses; they are, in fact, very different and considered as such by the University Registrar. If you have taken a similarly numbered course, you may repeat it for academic credit during your JBS experience if you secure advance departmental and University Registrar approval.