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Hanna Wellish '12, a student in the JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.


Students on the program will take the following three courses:

COSI 153aj:  Mobile Application Development
COSI 154aj:  The JBS Incubator
COSI 153bj:  Mobile Game Design

The courses will be taught by tenured Brandeis Professor Tim Hickey, working with an experienced Software Entrepreneur to be announced in the near future and will run concurrently for ten weeks throughout the summer.  Students will earn 12 credits and the program counts towards one of the semesters that students need in order to graduate.

How the courses count:
  • All of these courses may count as electives towards the Computer Science major/minor (within published restrictions, please see the University Bulletin for complete details)
  • All of these courses may count towards the Computer Science Master’s Program
  • The Science distribution requirement will be met
  • The courses do not count towards the breadth distribution requirement for the B.A. and B.S. in Computer Science
1. COSI 153aj: Mobile Application Development

An introduction to the design and analysis of mobile applications that covers the architecture of mobile devices, APIs for graphical user interfaces on mobile devices, location-aware computing and social networking. The course also covers the theory and practice of space and time optimization for these relatively small and slow devices. Four credits.

2. COSI 154aj: The JBS Incubator

An introduction to software engineering for web and mobile applications. This course covers agile programming techniques, rapid prototyping, source control paradigms, effective software documentation, design of effective APIs, software testing and analysis, and software licensing, with an introduction to business plans for software entrepreneurs. Four credits.

3. COSI 153bj:  Mobile Game Design

This course explores the theory and practice of the development of interactive graphic systems on mobile devices and focuses in particular on mobile gaming applications. This includes a study of 2d and 3d graphics as well as mobile networking for real time games. Four credits.