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Hanna Wellish '12, a student in the JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.

Student Testimonials

Students from the JBS Mobile Applications and Game Development 2011 summer program wrote the following in the anonymous program evaluation.  

Has your JBS experience influenced your future plans (academic, professional, personal, etc.)?

  • It made me much more sure that I wanted to major in computer science.
  • I gained experience in mobile development and plan to continue working in the mobile field for my future.
  • I am more comfortable with the idea of starting my own venture.
  • I want to pursue individual projects and potential internships that will help build my resume for the mobile technology field.
  • I am currently interviewing with companies that work with mobile applications and people I met through the JBS talks and presentations.
  • I needed an immersive experience in the field to know whether this was the right future path for me. JBS gave me exactly that.
  • JBS is not just a program. It really forces you to kick your life in gear. It’s a new way of thinking with great motivation. It will lead to improving my academic motivation along with improvement of my overall work

What were the strong points of the program? What are some of the greatest benefits you gained from this experience? What makes this program special?

  •  It’s training and experience for real life and a good use of various tools for teaching and developing the lessons. Special attention and close supervision from the professors.
  • Small class, lots of attention. Lots of practice, lots of homework, which was good experience. The class is special because it doesn't’t just focus on one topic, but goes all over the place to teach an entire picture of topic. It’s not just mobile apps, it’s servers, internet, team theory, entrepreneurship, money.
  • I really liked the small class size, opportunity to talk to professors, and range of topics covered. This program takes place during the summer, so I can focus completely on my projects and not be distracted by my friends, extracurriculars, or other classes.
  • There was a lot of reinforcing homework. A lot of time management and organizational skill were key to success. I also really liked the incubator course, with the idea of a small project group.
  • I really enjoyed the incubator part of the program. Setting your own goals and deadlines, and deciding what you want your final product to look like is very different from most experiences in the classroom. I also, really enjoyed all the speakers and learning about their experiences in the real world.
  • Lectures / Professors. Guest Speakers. The ability to develop something independently.
  • Programming was challenging and educational. There was a lot of entrepreneurial spirit It was an introduction of how to start a business and how to make it grow. The small size leads to a tight community of very smart people
  • Lots of hands-on work, lots of group work, lots of presentations, awesome teachers, awesome speakers, small class.

How did the program structure (related courses with experiential learning opportunities amongst a small group of students) help you meet your academic goals?

  •  Engaging academic plan and nice environment.
  • It really forced me to focus.
  • I liked the structure. It was a small class with a lot of teacher attention. I liked meeting for so many hours a week, it really made the group bond together. I liked having three classes in one, it let us learn everything.
  • The type of structure met my goals, because there were a lot of skills I could use to apply in the real world.
  • It was great to have such a personal learning environment. I enjoyed that I could immediately ask questions and clarifications when I got lost instead of getting lost and confused for a long time.
  • It helped me figure out whether the field was right for me.
  • I know it will influence my attitude and the way I live my life in the future.
  • It was a well-structured program, the three courses all related to each other, it felt like one really long class. I found the group-work very engaging, and the workload demanding but it met my goals.

 In what way, if any, has this program fostered your personal growth?

  •  It's inspired me to learn a lot more about internet technologies! Which were barely touched on, but I found really interesting and cool.
  • To be an entrepreneur.
  • I feel like I'm generally more mature and better at working in groups.
  • The final demonstration of our mobile app was an extremely gratifying experience. It was an amazing feeling to know we have achieved so much in 8 weeks, and come so far from not really knowing anything about designing a mobile app. Having people show real interest in one of my ideas and taking it so seriously gave me more confidence and made me feel like I could do anything I wanted to if I really put some work into it.
  • Yes. It empowered me enough to independently build something. As a person I am significantly more confident and know that I can make a change to the world.
  • Yes it has I'm currently working on a few startup ideas.
  • Group working, above all.

 Please comment on why you found this program to be intellectually challenging or not.

  •  Programming is always challenging, especially in our program where we had no previous experience in mobile application and game development or with tools like Git Hub.
  • It was a lot of work - not always hard work but it required a lot of thinking.
  • We started out with no knowledge of Android, and by the end we had created something pretty sweet. So that was cool. I had enough space to challenge myself and interpret assignments as more challenging than my other classmates.
  • We designed computer player algorithms to solve a maze game, and another game in which the computer learns how to play better by observing user input. Extremely thought provoking atmosphere.

Please feel free to add any other comments about any aspect of the JBS program.

  •  Awesome! Got to know some new people really well. And get exposed to a lot of new material!
  • Loved the experience and honestly think it should be a mandatory experience for all students during at least one semester of their college experience. Either they will make immense progress or have a timely rethinking of future plans, either of which I believe are extremely important.
  • Great program.