Brand Marketing & Communications

At a Glance

  • Professor Grace Zimmerman
  • Summer 2014, 9 weeks, June 2 - August 1, 2014
  • 12 credits
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Learn how brands as diverse as Lady Gaga, IKEA and Microsoft are developed and communicated to sustain ardent fans and enthusiasts.  Every aspect of the brand’s identity is crucial, especially the manner in which a brand communicates with current and prospective brand loyalists. 

Brand marketing and communications gives students of marketing an intensive look at the two important and inter-related marketing issues of branding and marketing communications. In marketing communications, in addition to examining traditional marketing communications techniques like advertising, PR, promotion, sponsorships and endorsements, particular emphasis will be given to examining social media and cause marketing.  In branding, we will examine a wide variety of branding strategies, each tailored to a unique product or corporate value proposition and industry.  Throughout, the JBS semester, students will learn critical thinking, teamwork, and gain practical experience in marketing.

In the first five weeks, students will debate case analyses, hear from veteran professional guest speakers, work on a marketing communications group research project of their choice, and play in a competitive, online simulation game which draws on every aspect of marketing, branding and communications.  Consistent with Brandeis business program philosophy, this JBS program will include consideration of social responsibility and ethical marketing issues.  In the second period, students will work in small teams on supervised marketing field projects.

Bus 52a, Marketing Management or the equivalent, is a prerequisite for this program.  

BUS 154aj Branding Strategy
BUS 157aj Marketing Communications
BUS 195aj Field Projects