Voice, Web and Mobile Applications

At a Glance

In this program, students will learn the fundamental concepts behind the development of web and mobile apps that are based on a Voice model of interaction and to combine this theory-based curriculum with an extended experiential component in which the students put these ideas into practice.

Students will learn how to develop applications using a highly scalable multi-platform approach. On the server side they will learn the state-of-the-art algorithms and methodology for building servers in the cloud that can scale rapidly as demand increases. For the client side they will learn how to develop applications that run on web browsers and also run in all mobile devices. In addition to learning the foundations of developing web-based mobile applications, they will also explore the state-of-the-art in developing Voice-based User Interfaces for hands-free interaction with mobile and browser devices.

This JBS will empower students to create applications that allow them to use the Computer Science they are learning to create value in people’s lives. The Voice User Interface model in particular is very powerful as a change agent in the developing world where mobile phones are omnipresent but smart phones are less common. The program will also invite speakers from local software companies to give presentations to the class each week, which will allow students to develop and strengthen their professional networks. In addition to developing a deep understanding of mobile and web Voice-based application development, students will gain practice in oral and written presentation of their ideas, and in developing software in small groups.

This JBS will be open to all students who have taken the first two semesters or the equivalent of the Computer Science minor, i.e. CS11a, CS12b, or who can demonstrate their knowledge the the instructor and receive written permission to enroll. Although this is being designed for upper level undergraduates, it is open to MA students as well.

CS152aj Web Application Programming
CS115aj Spoken Dialog Design
CS154aj The JBS Incubator