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Health and Society

At a Glance

Program Overview

Health and health care have become central social issues for public policy in terms of the improvement of health, the treatment and prevention of disease the organization of medicine and the reform of the health care system.

Students in the Health and Society JBS program will explore these topics through three courses in the summer plus an optional internship and research component in the fall.

This unusual and intensive small class experience will give students the unique opportunity to gain health-related research skills while engaging in experiential learning through site visits, observing medical and research personnel and considering various health-related, hands-on experiences.

The Health and Society JBS program will be offered as a summer JBS program and as an extended JBS program.

Students in the summer JBS program will enroll in three courses. 

The extended JBS program will integrate the requirements of the HSSP program into an intensive, experiential and potentially life-changing combination of preparatory summer coursework, followed by a semester-long off-campus fall internship and research component.

Students would be considered a full-time student from the start of the summer program through the end of the fall semester. Students enrolled in an extended JBS program earn a total of 20 credits and pay tuition for the equivalent of fall 2010 semester.