Marion Smiley

Marion Smiley is the J. P. Morgan Chase Professor of Ethics at Brandeis University. She is the author of “Moral Responsibility and the Boundaries of Community: Power and Accountability from a Pragmatic Point of View” and “Falling Through Trap Doors: The Philosophy and Politics of Group Identification,” as well as numerous articles on free will and determinism, moral agency, collective responsibility, feminist social and political thought, autonomy and paternalism, John Dewey and the philosophy of pragmatism, democratic theory, multiculturalism and the practice of rights.

She is currently at work on two book-length projects: “Dependence, Autonomy and the Welfare State” and “Democracy and Paternalism.”

Smiley is the recipient of several teaching awards, as well as research fellowships from Princeton University, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the American Association of University Women, the Harvard University Ethics Program and the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study.

She received a PhD from Princeton University and joined the Brandeis faculty in 2002 after having taught at Wellesley, Wesleyan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.