Daily Activities

Child holding dolls.

Daily activities are posted on a large bulletin board in each classroom. There is also a message board in each classroom where teachers can leave notes about the day's activities and where parents can leave notes for the teachers.

Our daily activities consist of:

  • Small group play/project times where children choose which activity (art projects, blocks, playhouse, puzzles, etc.) they will participate in.

  • Large group meetings — including stories, discussions of the daily plans, puppets, songs — followed by small group activities based on curricular plans lead by teachers.

  • Outside play time (preceded by hand washing, diapering and toileting).

  • Lunch and two snack times (preceded by hand washing, diapering and toileting).

  • Pre-nap activities — toileting, stories, reading, listening to records or tapes.

  • All children sleep or rest on their cots during nap time (approximately one hour, unless parents specify other arrangements).