Essential Information


We are happy to have you working with us! If you are just starting, there are a number of things you need to know about Lemberg Orientation. For continuing TAs, there are many items to renew and update. Read on for more information.

Lemberg Handbook

Before starting work at the Lemberg Children's Center, all employees must familiarize themselves with certain workplace practices and regulations. Our staff has compiled a comprehensive handbook for workplace topics ranging from emergency and health maintenance to playground activities and orientation.

All handbooks are required readings for employees. All documents are pdf's, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Application, Job Description and Responsibilities 
  2. Emergency and Health Maintenance Orientation Guide 
  3. Program Philosophy and Classroom Management Orientation Guide
  4. Playground Activities and Orientation

Teaching Assistant Orientation

In addition to reading the material above, all new teacher's assistants must attend a one-hour orientation. We will be in touch with you in person or by email to set up a time. 

The next step after orientation is to schedule your two four-hour observations. Please be in touch in person or by email with to schedule these. These observations will allow us to finalize our hiring decisions. If you are hired, be sure to review further needed items and visit the Forms page to fill out all needed forms.

Applying Online

If you have not already applied online through the Brandeis careers website, please do so now, so that we can officially hire you on Brandeis Federal Work Study. Follow the link and search "Lemberg" in your browser's search function or scroll down through the listings until you find the Lemberg TA opening (usually listed as "General Institutional"). Click on the link and follow instructions to apply. Send us an email at to let us know when you have done this.

EEC Registration and Orientation

All staff members working with children must be registered with the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) please follow the links to complete your professional registration and orientation.

  • Registration: Follow the link and enroll with the EEC, and then complete the "registry" to register with the EEC as an employee of Lemberg Children's Center. This is a quick process but you must remember to click on and print the confirmation PDF at the end of the process, before exiting the site. Make sure to remember your username and password as you will need these to renew your registration in the future.
  • Orientation: Follow the link and complete the orientation by listening to the whole presentation and answering the questions (about 1 hour). Remember to print out the certificate at the end, fill in your name, and submit to the Lemberg CC office.