Facebook Request For Sub


A substitute (sub) is a fellow coworker who fills in for you during your scheduled work hours.

Finding a Sub

In order to make it easiest for TAs to communicate directly with each other about their sub needs, we are using Facebook to post sub requests and find extra hours to sub. All TAs must go onto Facebook and request to join our group: Lemberg Sub Requests.

How to Use the Facebook Group

When you are unable to work: Post the date you will be out, the hours you will not be able to work and the classroom you are assigned to work in.

When you would like more hours: If you are able to sub during any of the hours that someone has requested a sub, please respond via Comments.

When you have found a sub: Once people have responded to your post, comment on your previous post with SUB FOUND and the name of the person who will be covering for you. Then email lemberg@brandeis.edu with:

  • who will be subbing for you
  • the date you are out
  • your hours you are scheduled to work that day
  • the classroom you work in
  • and the supervisor you have spoken to about being out. 

Procedure for Notifying Absences

In addition to finding a sub, it is your responsibility to notify us if you will be out

  1. If it is within 24 hours: You must call the center and speak with Sylvia, Howie, Anna, or a lead teacher. Tell them why you are going to be out, what your hours are and who is replacing you.
  2. If more than one day in advance: Speak directly with your supervisor and email lemberg@brandeis.edu with the details.