Forms to Fill Out

Please remember to read and review our Guidelines for Observation (GO).

The best times to plan an observation are between 8:30 am - 11:50 am and 3:00pm-5:30 pm.

If you are in a class, please submit your availabilities to observe to Lemberg's Office by filling out the form in the GO.

Information for when you observe in the classroom

How To Arrange Your Observation | Information for When You Observe | Information for Course Instructors


We have one way observation glass into several of our rooms. However, no more than four people may observe at any time. Exceptions can be made. The observer, researcher, or his/her supervisor or course instructor must make arrangements for the observation with our director, Howard Baker, and a cooperating head teacher. 

How to arrange an OBSERVATION for a course or other educational purposes:

To do this, please contact Howard Baker by email: or call 781-736-2200. You will be asked to supply a brief letter or email explaining the purpose or goals of your observation and also assure us that those you observe will be given anonymity unless you have written consent from the individual to publish your data or communicate about them by name.  Failure to do so is subject to prosecution.   

Your letter or email may simply state: 

  • Your name and contact information, the purpose of the study and whether you wish to observe or be a participant observer. (POs are people who wish to engage in activities with children. POs who wish to observe more than once need to fill out our Employment Application available at our website in menu: Job Opportunities. )
  • That the observer guarantees the anonymity of the children & teachers observed in any written material, including information shared with a class or professor. 
  • That the observer guarantees that s/he will not photograph, videotape or tape record while observing unless permission to do so has been given.  For this, you will need to use Appendix IV: Application for Recording and Appendix X: Sample Letter for Consent to use sound or image recording.

Information for When You Observe

We are happy to have you observing for a class or for learning more our program and our children. Prior to coming you may find our website helpful for getting background information our methods and children. You can also find brief staff bios with photos to help you recognize us when you come. Please, please read these guidelines.

1. Please do not take photos, or record of a child or children with any electronic or video device without prior permission. To get this release prior to your visit, contact our director, Howie Baker In some circumstances recording a child will require permission from parents.

2. Information gathered during your observation is confidential. Please do not discuss your observations of the children in public spaces where anonymity might be compromised. When writing or speaking about the children observed, please identify them by a pseudonym, such as their first initial or some other made up identifier.

3. Dress casually and neatly. Dress knowing that you will be with young children in a school where paint and clay are frequently used. You may also observe while the children are outside and you should have on clothing that will keep you comfortable for doing this for 45 minutes or more.

4. On the day you are scheduled to observe, please arrive on time. If you will be delayed or unable to attend email or call our office (781-736-2200) and leave a message.

5. The Lemberg Children’s Center’s doors are always locked. Our main & only entrance is on Old South Street and it requires a staff member to open the inner door for you. If necessary, in the entry there is a phone with directions to gain access. Please sign-in as a visitor and one of us will bring you to meet the Head Teacher in whose classroom you will start your observing. S/he will show you where to put your coat and bags, as well as help you find an appropriate place from which to observe. S/he will give you an information sheet with classroom demographical information.

6. When we know the goals of your observation, we will show you our observation windows, suggest a place in the classroom to sit apart from activities, or put you with a group, so you maybe a participant observer engaged in activities.

7. During your observing time, the head teachers will be busy with the children, supervising teaching assistants or speaking with parents. They may not be able to speak with you for more than a moment. If you would like to clarify something, please keep this brief. To do an interview one of them, please arrange for this with our office staff, Karen or Howard or call 781-736-2200.

8. During the observation, when a child approaches you and asks who you are and what you are doing, please keep it brief and simple. Tell the child that you are here to learn about their classroom, and you will be writing notes. If a child asks you to help him/her with something (e.g., tie their shoe, put on a coat, pour their drink), if you can do so without disrupting your observation that’s fine, but it is usually best to direct them to their teacher or teaching assistant (TA).

Course Instructors: 

If you are a course instructor wishing to arrange observations for a number of students in your class you will be asked to use a schedule form in which students post their name & email address. Additionally please supply your students with Information for When You Observe in the Classroom. Additional information for your students about our programs including many curricular resources for teachers are found at Please email us at to make arrangements for your students.