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Playground Fundraising

So Far       

  • So far, our alumni have collectively donated $35,000!
  • The wonderful Firefly Scientists' Foundation has given $50,000 and pledged $50,000 more!
  • The achievement of $135,000 exceeded our original goal, but to reach the $200,000 needed, we still have a lot to go!
  • To help out, see the links above.                                                                            

Support Lemberg

The Lemberg Children Center and Playground For our most precious resource : Children

Over the years the demand for Lemberg Childcare center services has grown and we have become an integral part of Brandeis educational mission. As a result, a new building was constructed which enabled us to almost double the number of children, we now serve to 70. Our building is fully-funded (by our enrollment) but our playgrounds are not.  We need your help to complete the project.

When is a playground not just a playground?

The help we have gotten from friends and the Firefly Scientists' Foundation has allowed us to complete phases 1 and 2 of the Firefly Scientists' Community Garden and Accessable Playground. We are excited to be launching phase 3, the construction of the natural and adventure playground.

We want our children to have experiences where slides are built into the hillside and rocks are part of the climbing options. At our current location we can take advantage of its sloping terrain and have water run downhill over rocks ending into a sand box with easy drainage.  In the pages that follow you will see many examples of playgrounds built this way to get a fuller sense of the creative and educational experiences that such playgrounds have to offer young children. The creation of playgrounds conceived in this way is a growing trend.  Some like the Boston Nature Center are creating spaces like this to help urban children who live far from a working farm or the woods to explore.  Others like the Child Development Center at UNH see the opportunity to have children be raised up with an appreciation of the natural environment and to develop skills in farming or with sustaining our planets resources. We see the rich opportunity for hands on learning with the real objects that children see about them, find fascinating and hold in their hands like bugs, worms and other small insects.  We want our children to build with rocks and tree limbs and create streams and huts.


We have set the goal to raise an additional $100,000 for the construction of  the natural adventure playground area.  Later phases we look to adding solar panels to generate electricity and a windmill to bring water up from a well.  We’ve provided this document with the hope that you will want to join our effort to create and maintain a very special place for our children and the Waltham area children. We hope you will contribute with time to help build our space and money to help us reach this goal.

Fundraising Levels

Swing Sets (Construction and Install):  

Sponsor level $50,000


Sponsor level $15,000

Infant Toddler Swing Area:

Sponsor level $10,000

Fencing Gardens:

Sponsor level $5,000

Garden Boxes:

Sponsor level $1,000

For more information and testimonials from staff, parents and previous members of the Lemberg family, contact our Executive Director, Howard Baker, 781-736- 2200 or   

AND watch our video.