A pile of records, cassette tapes, and a film reel

December 17, 2018

Abbie Hoffman, class of 1959, once said in a rarely-heard interview that he hoped to give his papers to Brandeis University. A recent gift honors Abbie's wish.
Black and white image of a man holding newspapers

December 17, 2018

The untitled 12-and-a-half minute 16mm film, a collaboration between Lenny Bruce and the musician “Count” Lewis DePasquale, a friend of the comedian, is a darkly comic, silent account of a down-on-his-luck street newspaper salesman, played by Bruce, with a jazz score, likely by DePasquale.
Join the Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council
The Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council advises Brandeis Library staff on library services, resources, communications, and facilities. The council aims to build a library community by connecting librarians with students, to ensure that the library is both relevant and useful to Brandeis undergraduate students.
Woman standing in front of a colorful painting
Orli Swergold ‘18, a  New Rochelle, N.Y., native who double-majored in art history and studio art, said the piece is a snapshot of how she has grown as an artist and as a person in her time at Brandeis.
Open Access Week 2018
The Brandeis Library supports open access through several important initiatives. A guide to our open access resources and information on the Brandeis Open Access Fund are available on our site.
Row of non-English language books
The collection currently features about 50 titles in Chinese and Hindi. The collection also will be adding titles in Spanish and Korean soon.
Farber Library and trees
Student Union President Hannah Brown '19 said it is important to have a link between the Brandeis Library and the Student Union to make sure that undergraduate and prospective student voices are heard.
Books on a shelf

In an effort to reduce financial hardship on students and improve the user experience, the Brandeis Library has announced new borrowing policies that include eliminated and reduced fines on certain collections and equipment.

Food for Fines graphic

The program allows students to pay off their fines with donations of non-perishable food or hygiene items to the Brandeis Food Pantry.

Students and staff display projects at the Maker Faire

The Brandeis exhibit featured projects made in the MakerLab, Automation Lab and Digital Humanities Lab.

Students view materials in Archives & Special Collections

As a member of this program, Brandeis graduate students, faculty, staff and sponsored undergraduates who demonstrate a research need can visit and borrow materials from the seven institutions participating in the pilot.

Room with yoga mats, prayer rugs, and zafu meditation cushions

The Meditation Room is intended for meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and finding a moment of peace. The space features yoga mats, prayer rugs, and zafu meditation cushions.

Room with tables, chairs and a computer terminal

The room features soft seating, work spaces, a computer terminal and a fantastic view—and it is accessible only to faculty.

OneSearch logo

We've made searching, signing in, and chatting with a librarian easier with the latest OneSearch update.

Shelf of picture books in the Library.

The Library is building a new picture book collection located on Goldfarb Level 1. The collection was created in support of the education program and includes a number of award-winning titles.

New York Times logo

Brandeis University faculty, students and staff can now access the New York Times Digital Edition through our academic site license provided by the Brandeis Library.

Blueprints and architectural drawings on a table.

The Brandeis University campus comprises roughly 100 individual buildings. Blueprints and architectural drawings of these buildings must be retained for as long as each building exists. A single building can have dozens or more associated drawings, as the drawings typically describe specific sections or systems within a building.

Inspired by the Book: A Library Art Competition. Part of the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts.

Attention all students! Are you artistic? Do you like books? Submit your art to “Inspired by the Book: A Library Art Competition” (part of the Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts).

Books that were preserved on a red table

A little-known fact is that a great deal of work goes into maintaining the rich collection of books we have here in the Brandeis Library. Our Preservation Department repairs hundreds of books every year.

Pages of photography from Bruce Davidson's East 100th Street.

Bruce Davidson’s East 100th Street disappeared from the Brandeis Library in 1973. It would not return for several decades. Then one day in 2015, the book arrived back at the Library with a note from the former student who had held onto it for 42 years.