How to Borrow Equipment

Renewals and Extensions

Equipment is not eligible for renewals using OneSearch, over the phone or via email due to high demand. If you come to the Information and Borrowing desk and there are more items of the same type available, you may be able to renew the item if you have not reached your renewal limit. All pieces must be present with you at the time of renewal (including bags, chargers, etc.) in order to reloan an item. If no other equipment of that type is available or if you have reached your renewal limit, you must wait 1 hour before checking one out again.

Equipment cannot be renewed using OneSearch, over the phone or via email. Special extensions to loan periods, advanced bookings or loans of multiple laptops or iPads cannot be accommodated at this time.

Equipment Types

Items listed with an asterisk (*) below are loaned with a bag, if you return these items without their bag you will be fined a $5 replacement fee.

Equipment Type (click on item for availability) Loan Period Overdue Fine Amount
MacBook (w/MagSafe 2 adapter)* 4 hours $0.50 per hour
MacBook USB-C wall adapter 4 hours $0.50 per hour
iPhone lightning cable* 4 hours $0.50 per hour
Micro-USB cable* 4 hours $0.50 per hour
PC charger* 4 hours $0.50 per hour
USB-C cable* 4 hours $0.50 per hour
Wall adapters (USB)* and (USB quick charge/USB-C) 4 hours $0.50 per hour
Financial calculator 4 hours $0.25 per hour
Graphing calculator 4 hours $0.25 per hour
Scientific calculator 4 hours $0.25 per hour
Headset 4 hours $0.25 per hour
Memory card reader 4 hours $0.25 per hour
Power strip 4 hours $0.25 per hour
HDMI cable 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Mini-display to HDMI 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Mini-display to VGA 24 hours $0.50 per hour
USB-C to HDMI/VGA 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Calculator (4-Function) 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Dry-Erase markers (w/eraser)* 24 hours $0.50 per hour
DVD drive (Apple and Windows) 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Flash drive 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Keyboard (Bluetooth) 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Lamp 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Mouse (Bluetooth) 24 hours $0.50 per hour
Whiteboard Due at closing No overdue fines
Board game 1 day No overdue fines
Voice recorder 3 days $0.50 per day
Transcription pedal 3 days $0.50 per day
Hard drive 7 days $0.50 per day