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Katka Reszke
Visiting Scholar

Katka Reszke is a Polish-born, U.S.-based writer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, and researcher in Jewish studies. Author of Return of the Jew: Identity Narratives of the Tird Post-Holocaust Generation of Jews in Poland (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2013), Katka holds a Doctorate in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a former Scholar-In-Residence at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute. She lectures on aspects of the Polish Jewish experience at educational and cultural venues across the globe.

As a writer and filmmaker, Reszke specializes in Polish Jewish history and relations, as well as human rights, social justice, minority and gender issues. Katka’s documentary films include Shimon’s Returns (2014) and Coming Out Polish Style (2011). She also served as chief screenwriter and co-editor of the acclaimed partially animated film Karski & The Lords of Humanity (2015). Katka is also one of the co-creators and performers of the Canadian-Polish theater performance We Keep Coming Back.

During her appointment at the Mandel Center, Katka will focus primarily on "The Meshugene Effect": her research-creation project, which explores cultural and discursive contingencies surrounding religion, gender and authenticity. Conceived of as a monograph book, as well as a documentary film, the project tries to make sense of the personal narratives of several Polish women, who embark on a pursuit of Jewish identity following a feeling, an intuition, an uncanny precognition about their Jewish descent. These self-narratives reveal different ways of making sense of extraordinary experiences of memory and transition set against the landscape of troubled Polish-Jewish history and a new curious Polish-Jewish present.