Brandeis Students at the Mandel Center

Brandeis students participate in the center's work in several ways. Students who teach in area supplemental schools participate in the Undergraduate Fellows Program, which supports their professional development as Jewish educators.

Additionally, Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students participate in the Center's work as research assistant and student office workers.

In fall 2017, these undergraduates are working at the center:

Hannah Baker-Lerner
Hannah Baker-Lerner is a sophomore, majoring in Language and Linguistics. She is interested in language, speech, child development, education, and political activism. In her extracurricular life at Brandeis, she is the Treasurer of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, a steering committee member of the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance, and a volunteer with various organizations. Hannah is the Mandel Center's student worker for 2017-18; she provides administrative support to faculty and staff and assists with research projects.
Liat Fischer
Liat Fischer is a sophomore who is is double- majoring in Business and Near Eastern Judaic Studies and is interested in both Jewish studies and education. She is from Denver, Colorado and attended Jewish Day School there from K-12. She is currently working with Dr. Ziva Hassenfeld on her study of how elementary school children learn to read Jewish texts.