TEACHING TORAH to YOUNG CHILDREN: Creating a Community of Torah Learners

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The development of this case was supported by the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University

About Me

Shira Horowitz has been teaching at South Area Solomon Schechter Day School in Stoughton, MA since 1995. She taught kindergarten there for 8 years and now teaches first grade. Shira has been a mentor teacher in the DeLeT program at Brandeis University since 2002. She is also a co-leader of the Beginning Teacher Network, a professional network and support group for first and second year day school teachers sponsored by the Mandel Center.

Shira's Teaching Philosophy
As a teacher, I try to create a classroom environment where every student is valued as an individual and where all students and teachers work together to build a respectful and supportive community. I try to instill a love for Israel and Torah along with a love for reading and writing. I want children to be excited about learning and empowered to be as independent as they can be. I believe that even the youngest students are capable of great thinking and discovery, and part of my job as a teacher is to create opportunities for them to explore and wonder about the world around them.

For more information, contact Shira Horowitz - shorowitz@sassds.org