Did you Know?

The Mandel Center has trained nearly 100 mentor teachers from nine Boston-area day schools through the DeLeT Project and the Induction Partnership.






The impact of the Mandel Center is measured in terms of ideas, institutions and people: new and powerful ideas about teaching and learning, institutions with improved ways of working and people with stronger capacities to create the conditions for learning for students and colleagues.

Teachers bring practices developed in the laboratory setting of the Mandel Center to other teaching contexts. And intensive, ongoing work with schools to improve their cultures for teaching and learning pays off in system-wide transformation. This is the Center’s core mission: studying Jewish teaching to revitalize Jewish learning.

Learn about the impact of the Center's work:

In our 2008-09 Annual Report [download PDF], we invited you to:

  • Read about the grant from the Covenant Foundation supporting the Induction Partnership.
  • See Orit Kent present her work on havruta.