Photo of Mandel Center for the Humanities lecture hall

The Mandel Center for the Humanities is sponsoring one team-taught interdisciplinary course per semester.

Fall 2017

His/SOC 170b — Gender and Sexuality in South Asia

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or permission of the instructor.

Explores historical and contemporary debates about gender and sexuality in South Asia; revisits concepts of "woman," "sex," "femininity," "home," "family," "community," "nation," "reform," "protection," and "civilization" across the colonial and postcolonial periods. Usually offered every second year. Ms. Muller and Ms Vijayakumar

HUM/UWS 1A — Tragedy: Love and Death in the Creative Imagination

How do you turn catastrophe into art - and why? This first-year seminar in the humanities addresses such elemental questions, especially those centering on love and death. How does literature catch hold of catastrophic experiences and make them intelligible or even beautiful? Should misery even be beautiful? By exploring the tragic tradition in literature across many eras, cultures, genres, and languages, this course looks for basic patterns. Usually offered every year. Mr. Burt and Mr. Dowden