Photo of Mandel Center for the Humanities lecture hall

The Mandel Center for the Humanities is sponsoring one team-taught interdisciplinary course per semester.

Fall 2013

Special offering from our Charlotte Zysman Fellow:Framing the Image: Debates in the History of Photography

Photography was constituted in relation to scientific, literary, and artistic discourses. This class will examine the ideas that shaped photography in the public imagination and in practice over the course of the twentieth century. Special one-time offering, fall 2013. Ms. Cole

Spring 2014

COML/THA 139B — Enclosures: Contemporary Fictions and Imagined Spaces

Considers literary and metaphorical enclosures and the way they can be interpreted and translated into different kinds of visual spaces. Working with contemporary fiction from different places and cultures, we will consider the role and meaning of enclosures and then discuss how we might interpret various forms of enclosures in visual terms. Students will have the opportunity to write critically and to create verbally and visually, Usually offered every Thirth year.
Ms. Anderson and Mr. Mandrell